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Therapeutic Massage for the body mind and soul try some!

Massage & Bodywork:

Massage Techniques Offered


The art and science of using 100% essential oils derived from plants to calm the mind, emotions and support wellness.


Chair Massage

Designed to "awaken" your body, and promote an overall feeling of well-being.  This massage is used specifically to relax your muscles and improve circulation and movement within the body.  The session will focus on your back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Also available on-site for offices or home parties.

Couples Massage

For those that wish to share the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of massage together in the same treatment room.  Most massage techniques are available.

Deep Tissue Massage

A slow and deep massage using techniques such as active isolated stretching and neuromuscular therapy to release muscular tension and restore flexibility.  A 60-minute session is appropriate for the upper body.  A 90- or 120-minute session is required to cover the entire body.

Foot Reflexology

More than a foot rub. Reflexology relaxes the entire body to a deep level which allows the body to do what it does best - heal itself.   Combine with aromatherapy, if desired.

"Mother-to-be" Massage

A special side-lying technique is used which is unlike any massage you’ve ever experienced.  This massage focuses on easing aches and pains that occur during this special time and settling you into a well-deserved hour of comfort and deep relaxation.  Physician approval may be required.

Pure Swedish

Long, gliding strokes and kneading movements of this massage release tension and promote circulation throughout the body.  Light or strong pressure can be used.  Combine with aromatherapy, if desired.


A treatment in which the hands are placed on or just above the body.  Universal life force energy, known as Reiki, flows to the body’s energy centers, enhancing its natural ability to release blocked energy to restore balance and harmony.

Sports Massage

Massage and related techniques designed for the professional and weekend athlete to enhance athletic performance, facilitate recovery from strenuous activity, and improve a debilitating condition.  Pre- and post-event treatments are also available.

Traditional Shiatsu

Finger pressure to specific points as well as stretches, move and balance the flow of energy throughout the body in this Eastern form of bodywork.  Shiatsu promotes an overall sense of well-being and helps the body to help itself.  For this session, the client should wear light, comfortable clothing.

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